Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big Day

Yesterday was some kind of big day for godpa. He's a bit mysterious but says it's a celebration of love, though he didn't say what kind of love. One thing for sure, humans always celebrate with good food, and this was no exception.

There was some Japanese East-West fusion dinner that godpa said was passable but perhaps not so unique in taste and only average in service.

The best stuff came later in the form of desserts from another joint that blended art, good taste, and good service.

Godpa had thought of bringing me to Earth Cafe to share in the celebration too but apparently Tuesday was the cafe's day off *shucks*

Now I only hope the weather stays dry coz my regular walk schedule has gone a bit haywire when it rains in the early mornings and afternoons. I actually peed in the house one morning just before being let out to relieve myself *sheesh*

The next nearest love celebration will be on 25 December. Apparently it's some human's birthday.

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