Monday, November 24, 2008

It's been rare to get sunshine so godpa takes opportunities to bring me for walkies whenever he can. Weather's also gradually swinging between hot and cold so I've been reminding godpa to watch his health.

Besides hot weather, there's been some heated talk about proposed special rules for rottweilers and their owners because of some bad biting incidents in the past. The new rules will require the humans to buy insurance, put up a deposit, and send the dog for obedience class. I wonder what might happen next? I can imagine the maid will bring the dog to obedience class, insurance agents will have new products to sell, and perhaps there'd be a COE bidding system for dog licenses. Will it affect Bear and Bruno? Will they be "retrenched" just like bank workers because of rising costs? I better go save up my treats and toys for a rainy day.

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