Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do you love toys?

I've quite a few toys now, let me count starting from the most favoured one: 1 Nylabone chew toy, 1 squeeky soft toy, 1 rope toy, 1 Chompion chew toy and 1 Kong treat-dispenser. Godpa rotates the toys so that I won't get bored and it also helps to lengthen their life span under my small but destructive jaws.

Godpa noticed the holiday season brings in new movies, especially those about dogs. There's the Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and of course Marley & Me, adapted from the book which godpa enjoyed reading. Looks like puppy Chihuahuas and Labrador Retrievers will soon be tied with pretty ribbons and end up as presents for a loved human. This human is usually a cute innocent child or perhaps some pretty (clueless-about-dogs) adult. I wonder if they'll get sick of us once they learn the hard way that dogs have needs too and we can't be put on sleep mode, patched to fix problems, upgraded to have better behaviours, or even sold to the karang guni man for recycling (as you can see godpa's influenced me with techie lingo).
Godpa's own experience of sharing my life is that dogs do not appreciate in price but they appreciate in value.

So, what new toy am I getting for Christmas?

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