Monday, November 17, 2008

Rain rain go away 2

Awful weather these days, I can't imagine staying indoors reading the newspapers like humans *YAWN* Probably plants do better and enjoy the coolness to bloom.
With such cool weather, will it create a white Christmas? But then why must Christmas be white? I remember godpa said the Christmas story happened in the Middle East, so does it have snow covered trees there? Godpa showed me a photo of some trees hanging around in a shopping mall. They sure look pretty, too bad I can't see it for myself.
There was another thunder storm last weekend. Thankfully godpa was around like Santa Claus and I sat on his lap wishing for sunny weather.

This afternoon wasn't fantastic either but godpa brought me out for a long walk to post some letters. We walked through a HDB estate and the small parks interspersing the blocks. I was a bit nervous at first but eventually warmed up to the new sights, sounds, and scents. We even found a nice wide area for obedience training (not that I liked the idea of course).

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