Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weather whether

It was my birthday yesterday, and it marked 1 year 1 month under godpa's care. He nearly didn't blog this event which earned a frown from me.

Our last jaunt to the dogrun was great as I ran in after the gates were opened to greet a Jack Russell. I'm not sure what came over me but I certainly wasn't as fearful as before. A kid tried playing fetch with me using his dog's ball and frisbee, it didn't work out so he asked godpa to give it a try. So nice of him. Unfortunately I'm not into the fetching game thing and just gave a chase after the flung toys, sniffed at them and left.

The weather has gone from cool to scorching hot, peppered with flash rains that leave the air hot and humid. The weather in the human political sphere isn't great either. Godpa says a storm is brewing, not necessarily a bad thing I think as big storms renew the landscape. I support equality for all, including dogs of course.

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