Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Juicy insanity

Maybe it's the weather, it seems I'm rather barkish around some strangers. While out for an afternoon walk with godpa in the estate, we came across an old lady strolling past. I got excited and barked at her while godpa kept me a safe distance from her.

As she wobbled away we heard her call me "siao gao" (mad dog). That's an insult to me! I felt hurt. Thankfully, something good happened too. A pleasant woman who witnessed the incident asked godpa what happened to me because I'm usually such a nice doggy.

Godpa was initially surprised by the question from a stranger who seemed to know me so well. He told her I'm a suspicious dog who can read body language. That's a good one from godpa, we dogs can distinguish good humans from the nasty ones.

Godpa is probably better at distinguishing good food from normal fare. He had some kind of celebration and shared a big platter of New Zealand lamb chop, striploin steak, and king prawns with his significant other. He did give a thought about bringing home some of the medium rare juicy meat for me, so nice of him.

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