Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who's the fool

Today's April Fools' Day, thankfully no one pulled a prank on me though godpa was trying to capture my expressions. Don't I look equally beautiful each time?

I'm mostly an introverted dog, usually I'm solemn with nary a smile.

Godpa and most humans like to see me smile so I try my best :) Sometimes pictured at a certain angle my dark side seems to show up.

Some humans act foolishly, and others just do what's best for another living being. During such a severe global economic downturn in the human world, it's heartening to hear that a taxi uncle brought an abandoned injured dog for treatment and willingly paid for his expenses. Tripod, a 3 month old rottie cross, survived the ordeal of losing his front right leg and now awaits to find the right home. He should be called Tripod the Tough! Details on homing Tripod and repaying taxi uncle's kindness can be found on Bear's blog.

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