Monday, April 6, 2009

Food is good?

It was raining cats and dogs (of course) yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately godpa wasn't home to keep me company. He sent Uncle Leon and relatives to the columbarium as it was the Qing Ming festival. Godpa saw lots of people there, some were lugging huge stacks of joss paper, and some put up buffets of food. I wonder who gets to eat the stuff ...

Godpa came home and we went for a walk downstairs, but soon they went off for food without me! They had some tasty and colourful stuff. Undoubtedly godpa and Uncle Leon felt a bit guilty so I was given a raw chicken wing when everyone returned home.

I love my food but sometimes food isn't always good as godpa tells me. Someone actually died from eating Indian rojak. Thankfully godpa doesn't give me junkfood though he seems to be eating more of it himself!

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