Monday, April 5, 2010

How heavy's that doggy by the window?

5.65 kg to be exact. Oh my, one year ago I was 4.85 kg and I've gained almost 1 kg. Fortunately the vet said during the recent check-up that I should be alright between 5 to 6 kg. He said it's not unusual for spayed females like me to easily gain weight.


Godpa's trying his best to get his parents to cut down my food and he's been taking me on longer walks to burn that extra bit off. Thankfully it's not about depriving me so I still get new treats to try out. It's a new vegetable dog biscuit from Zuke's which I find very crunchy and tasty.


DoDo and MoMo said...

Looks yummy! Can we have some? ^^

Btw we stay within the weight range even after spaying! Pawrents did reduce our food intake by 20%.

Nikki said...

Godpa has got his parents to be obedient and stopped the extra rice dinner meal. It helps to be strategic and put some words into the vet's mouth :)


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