Monday, March 8, 2010

Some special things

Godpa's been busy organizing some conference thingy but he did find time to eat healthy goodies like this special vegetarian dish called 八宝饭.


He also found time to celebrate Uncle Leon's birthday at a rather unique place called Tea Cosy. The menu featured foie gras but godpa would rather not order it though he likes liver in general. The place had good ambience for dining as it was filled with cute angels in all sorts of poses. Maybe I can open a cafe filled with cute dogs too.


The food was ok though not exceptional in taste. In fact the grilled fish was slightly charred

Aesthetics wise, their presentation is quite pleasing.
It seems I've missed out so much on goodies, so godpa made it up to me with a trip to the seaside park this morning. A great way for him, his dad, and me to unwind on a sunny morning with sea breezes blowing.

Soon it was time to go home and take cover from the mid-day sun.

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