Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy New Tiger Year

Hmm, it's not the year of the Dog yet? I've to wait another 8 years! Oh my I'll be an old bitch then. Speaking about time, godpa's been too busy to update my blog though he seems to have time to play his Facebook games.

He told me about this beautiful roof garden at the Orchard Central shopping centre. I think it's a great spot for dogs to visit. And I'm still waiting for him to bring me to Orchard Road.

Facebook, window shopping, and of course eating. Godpa celebrated the new year having dinner with colleagues at Tao's Restaurant. He tried the slow cooked pork back ribs which were highly recommended by the server who said it helped them win an award of some kind. The meat was soft and moist, and somehow didn't look like the item shown on their website menu. It wasn't bad tasting but neither was it something to crave for. Overall he wouldn't go back there again though the service was good.


With all the eating and decrease of gym visits, godpa managed to maintain constant weight. As for me, he keeps saying I'm getting fat. I don't agree. I think it depends on which angle you look at me, right? ...

DSC01788 DSC01795
And a final message on safety, do consider getting a fire extinguisher for your home. It makes a good investment for your family and pets. You can save on installing smoke detectors if your family has a loud watchdog like me.


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