Sunday, June 12, 2011

June break

Many human kids have their school break in June. And for me I finally got to go out again though the weather nearly spoiled our plans. As thunder growled in the distance and the sky darkened partially, we made our way to the Bishan Park dogrun. I think it's my second trip there since it reopened. I had a gruelling walk/jog at the park before I was allowed into the dogrun. Godpa and Uncle Leon thinks it will help release some anxiety. I guess it worked pretty well as I found myself running around much more and having fellow dogs coming round for a sniff or two. Had a nice massage bath and then a chunk of raw chicken breast for dinner right after. Right now I'm going off to another dogrun in dreamland as godpa writes today's blog for me.

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Anonymous said...

hi godpa, love reading your blog! you have such a simple approach to Nikki and i think it reflects on how happy she is. will be bookmarking you!


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