Friday, November 5, 2010

Home Hot Home

Godpa's been back from his trip for almost a week. He came from an autumn cool climate, spending time enjoying mountain-lake scenery and basking in sunrise-over-mountain range experience. He decided not to buy stuff for me but brought back some pictures to share.

He came across two Shar Pei dogs who spend their time on a homestay (民宿) balcony in the cool mountain regions of Cingjing Farm, Nantou county, Taiwan (清境农场,南投县,台湾). I'm envious that they get good food and live in such a tranquil place while I make do sharing the air-conditioning with godpa. Even my little chinchilla pal, Rocky, tries his best to keep cool as he naps in this hot wet weather.

IMG_0711 IMG_1092

In Taiwan, dogs are brought almost everywhere, including on trips up to catch the sun rise at an altitude of 3275m! Such lucky dogs. The highest I ever went was Uncle Leon's HDB flat on the 9th floor.

Well, at least godpa's safely home now to bare the heat with me.

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