Monday, September 13, 2010


It's mid-autumn festival and I look hopefully each time godpa takes a slice of mooncake to nibble. I can smell the different flavours like durian, green tea white lotus, and mixed nuts. He tells me we have eight pieces this year and it all costs just $50 from a neighborhood confectionary. I think godpa is salivating as he writes my blog today.
Other than great tastes and smells, there are also beautiful sights to celebrate the occasion. Big floating lanterns now adorn the Singapore river along Clarke Quay. Of course godpa had to run his new camera through some low light shots.
IMG_0044 IMG_0040
For my outing, we went to Bishan Park dogrun and discovered it will be closed from 13 September till end of the month. Fortunately we were there on 12 September and I guess many dogs and humans came because they knew it was the last day. There is a new area designated for a new dogrun. Let's hope it will be much more bigger and with more seats for humans.

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